Hack Atm Exp [PLAY NS]

  1. Fiddler2:Here
  2. Swf:Here
  3. Open Play Ns
  4. Before u click de logo play ns u must open fiddler2
  5. Click 'Auto Responder'
  6. Click 'Enable Automatic Response' and 'Unmatched Request'
  7. Drag SWF to 'Auto Responder'
  8. Click 'Clear Chache'
  9. Click Clear Chache In Browser too with click 'CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE' and click clear chache
  10. Click Play  Ninja saga logo
  11. Goto 'HeadQuarter'
  12. Enter Password in download earlier
  13. Choose Only:Atm Exp,Atm Lvl and Instant Exam
  14. Enjoy The Hack!=D

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